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January 31st – ‘Losing My Mind’ – a show tune

This is the thirty-first and final day of posting a video every day in January to “Beat the January Blues”. Today I decided to go all-out for silliness.

I think a sense of humour is sometimes the only way to cope with the gloom and cold and sunshine-starved days of January. So I did this for fun. It’s ridiculous; it seems to mock the idea of sanity in a frivolous way, but if as a sufferer of poor mental health in winter and sad, weepy January days specifically, I can’t make fun of myself and sing a silly show tune in my best Liza Minnelli impression then what on earth is a free country for? I even wore my best Cookie Monster t-shirt.

Enjoy and thanks for following…

If you’d like to get involved and make a donation to the charity MIND – a mental health support charity in England and Wales, I am collecting donations to send to them as part of this “Beat the January Blues” effort, (as well as donating £1 per print copy sold of my next book – ‘Love Poems for people who don’t like being in love II’ – coming later this year -).

I will let you know how much I’ve raised by the beginning of February, and I’ll send MIND the amount I’ve made so far.

If you’d like to also support my work, you can find some suitably lovely rewards for doing so on Patreon here.

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