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Why everyone needs a “Midnight Caller”

I recently came back from attending the sort of event that 10 years ago I would have ridiculed and maybe even scorned. I didn’t use to go in for personal development work and all that “positive thinking” sh** but now I realise it’s not about positive thinking and neither does ‘personal development’ mean I need help. I’m actually rather fabulous and always have been. Lol. (But you knew that, right?)

The Tony Robbins seminar “Unleash The Power Within” taught me a lot of things but it was this exercise that really hit home for me and was kind of entertaining and sort of sexy too! I like how both Tony Robbins and Joseph McLendon got us to focus on the sexy / sassy side of ourselves as part of this 4 day event. Having an open mind and a sense of humour really helps. The exercise consisted of recalling a time when we told ourselves off in some way or said something really unkind to ourselves. When’s the last time you ended up saying something like, “I’m so stupid! Why the hell did I do that?” Or something along those lines? My phrase was exactly that, “I’m so stupid!”  We were then told to think of a celebrity (a well-known film or TV star or performer) whose voice we really love. Someone who has a voice that immediately sounds incredibly sexy and appealing. Having grown up secretly watching episodes of ‘Midnight Caller’ late at night on my little TV in my room at the age of about 15, I had a soft spot for Gary Cole and his voice came to mind first.


The next task was to close our eyes and imagine that voice saying unspeakable, sexy things to us, first of all imagining the voice being in front of us, then doing the same to the right of us, behind us and to the left. After imagining these things from all directions, we were asked to think of the position that was most powerful to us. Which direction had the greatest impact? For most people, it’s their right ear. (Speaking from your own perspective.) With that great impact secured, we were then asked to imagine that voice mimicking our own reprimanding words but saying it in a sexy way, that in turn makes fun of our original comment to ourselves. Believe me, imagining Gary Cole sexily repeating my own unkind comment to myself in my right ear was a fantastic way of playfully mocking me for having been ridiculously unfair to myself, thus rendering the comment null and void. What a brilliant strategy for re-balancing my self-esteem in moments when I’m feeling like a bit of a loser!

We all need silly but effective and impactful tricks like this to take the wind out of our sails when we are beating ourselves up about something. I for one, intend to make good use of this. (And knowing the effectiveness of the right ear approach, I might experiment with using that knowledge in other ways with other people…)

Thanks for the tip, Tony. (wink.)

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