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The unwritten rule about NYC…

Besides going to NYC to do some recording and perform at the Path Cafe, I actually also wanted to make sure I would have an opportunity to meet up with some interesting people who I’d been in touch with on Skype over the last couple of years. I was so excited about meeting them in person!

One of the people I met up with was a girl who I’ve been in touch with since about 2012. She runs a business organising other people’s business-related social media posts. She’s the Social Media Queen! The plan had been to meet her at a gig of a friend of hers in Harlem, but then suddenly I found I couldn’t get out of the area I was in because (due to the hurricane-related weather) the trains shut down for a few hours. So I had to get myself to a wi-fi hotspot (my phone wouldn’t accept any US SIM cards even though it was unlocked) and send her a message and also figure out how on earth I was going to get home!

But here’s the unwritten rule about New York that I was just learning and proved true over and over again: whenever something absolutely horrid happens, you can bet that something amazing is right around the corner. And it was.

Just as I was beginning to despair, Stephanie asked me where I was, and said she’d come and meet me there! It turns out she knew the area I was in – Sunnyside – very well because it’s the first place she lived in when she moved to NYC. She also wanted to get out of going to the gig because she’d had a row with her boyfriend and didn’t want to spend the evening out with him in tow. So about 40 minutes later, there she was, ready to recommend a great place to eat and an alternative plan for the evening!

In the end, we went to an amazing Peruvian restaurant that treated us like goddesses by dishing us up the best, huge plates of wholesome chicken and rice and refilled our enormous glasses with red wine. And the wine was surprisingly good. And so was the fantastic catch-up chat I had with Stephanie!


That’s just one of many examples of how a disastrous day turned into something amazing. And it happened several times, to the extent that by the end, when a further calamitous thing happened, I left feeling oddly excited that something amazing must be on the way to compensate for it. I was even glad that it had been such a spectacularly bad event, because it meant something absolutely extraordinary was up next. And sure enough, before my trip was out, that’s exactly what happened. But that’s one story I’m keeping to myself…

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  1. Eric · October 28, 2015 Reply

    Well done Rowen

    Your positivity and focus is a credit to you !

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