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Photo shoot in Stokes Croft


It was January 14th 2015. A very cold day, but clear blue sky. My wonderful photographer Charlie Boundy, who often has the look of Vanessa Paradis about her, helped me make the best of things and we got some great photos. It was a bit of an adventure, looking for the best places along the way to take photos and the purple background graffiti was a happy coincidence seeing as I had my purple coat with me. (Most of the time though I had to wear my other jacket underneath it so as not to freeze to death!) I must admit, the original idea had been to mix a glamorous look with an urban, arty-shambly kind of backdrop, but going for a full-on glam dress in winter was just more than I could bear. I did soldier on with a silver panelled dress later on but those photos didn’t come out as well. In fact, by then I basically looked like I was praying for deliverance,


or wistfully looking for a better prospect.


This is Charlie Boundy. You can see more of her work here at Charlie Boundy Photography.

Charlie Boundy

Here are some of my favourites of the whole shoot:




IMG_5254Thanks to Mickelburgh Pianos for providing a piano practice room (with a surprise grand piano waiting for me, that hadn’t been there last time) that we could draw breath in after a bracing late morning. And we got some pretty good piano shots in there too.



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