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One thing I REFUSE to do…

As we march on through 2016, I’m still hearing about people making new year’s resolutions and I have to admit, I just don’t do them. I spend my whole year focused on the goals I want to achieve and how to keep course-correcting to make sure I achieve them, regardless of how patient I may have to be about the timing of the outcome. (And I do find I have to cultivate a patience I am not adept at generating.) I don’t really understand the necessity for new year’s resolutions. I tend to rebel against any outside-enforced timescales and I certainly don’t like the idea of following the crowd, so I refuse to set myself any new tasks or requirements of myself for the new year.

Side note: Here’s an example of how I refuse to follow the crowd. Everyone seems to be doing the “paint one nail a different colour” thing but they all go for the ring finger. I decided to paint my first finger instead. A bit of a monochrome theme going on this January…


However, I do like to assess how much closer I am to my goals than I was a year ago and how things have been moving forward in the recent months. I don’t make a traditional list (of course not!) but I do track what action I can take and have taken towards my top 3 goals and look at where I can try a different approach or re-adjust the goal to be more specific. I also watch out for the number one passion-killer of goal-setting and managing my time: being too attached to the specific outcome.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a masculine, “get it done” approach and I push myself to have high standards and maintain them, but I also have to acknowledge that having fun, enjoying what is already in place and making time to do the things I love irrespective of whether they propel me towards my goals or not, is vital. So vital in fact, that if I don’t do them, I know I’m slowing my progress as a result. There’s nothing worse than running yourself into the ground trying to get stuff done only to realise you’re utterly miserable in the process.

So I kept to my word after a busy “holiday season” and not only budgeted for but stuck to my promise to myself to get out and do something fun. I went to the Landmark hotel for a couple of hours of spa-lounging bliss.

2015-12-30 12.10.46



And there’s something rather wonderful about being greeted at the door by a well-spoken doorman treating you like royalty. The staff at the Landmark really excel at their work…


Keeping that promise to myself and scheduling in that time off was crucial to managing my energy levels and warding off stress. Even though I’m playing a very fine balancing act at the moment between day job, coaching work and creative work to build multiple streams of income, I know that I have to make time to re-charge my batteries. Which sounds like a totally obvious point, but you’d be surprised how many people I encounter who don’t even think about planning ahead to do this. They wait until they feel shattered and then everything stops for a week while they recover. I anticipated the need for some downtime and took charge and booked it in, allowing for both the time and the expense necessary to do it. I even took time out afterwards to do a little manifesting exercise with regard to my goals about living in an apartment on my own. (Trip to Skandium to try out one of their sofas…)

This whole approach is in fact what I’m now coaching clients on, as part of my “Clear The Chaos” sessions. I help creative people with multiple areas of work to manage their time and keep forging a path towards the progress they want to see for the year ahead. I did it myself in returning from Prague and getting back to London and I’m glad that I’m now able to support other creative people with tips and strategies to do the same. If you want to know more about these here’s the info.

So plan for 2016, set intentions, have goals you re-adjust or revive. (Or don’t.) But please don’t tell me your new year’s resolutions because I’m so not interested. Tell me about a wonderful spa date with yourself that you went on instead. Or a great day out at an art gallery to re-charge your cultural batteries. The comments box awaits you…

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