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January 6th – ‘Boy Bitch’

Some of the writers I admire most are those who have a sense of humour. Caitlin Moran, Stephen Fry, Victoria Wood, Bill Bryson … they all write books or sketches, articles or screenplays that make me laugh. I think making people laugh is a hugely valuable skill in a world that needs laughter and fun more than ever. I must admit, as you’ll see in this video, I’m still grappling with finding a balance in being a fair and reasonable human being and having my moments of (justified?) bitchy, snarky or sarcastic expression. Sometimes a good rant feels, well, good. And pointing a finger at something that’s wrong, idiotic and missing the point entirely is all the better for doing so with humour or at least a wry smile.

But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself. Genuinely being bitchy without any attempt to look at one’s own faults is not a way to make progress in life, but perhaps being a tad bitchy in talking about and reading a poem about someone being a bitch to me is. You can be the judge …!

If you’d like to get involved and make a donation to the charity MIND – a mental health support charity in England and Wales, I am collecting donations to send to them as part of this “Beat the January Blues” effort, (as well as donating £1 per print copy sold of my next book – ‘Love Poems for people who don’t like being in love II’ – coming in March -).

I will let you know how much I’ve raised by the beginning of February, and I’ll send MIND the amount I’ve made so far.

If you’d like to also support my work, you can find some suitably lovely rewards for doing so on Patreon here.

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