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How To Turn A Crisis Into A Comedy

So here’s the honest truth:

I was meant to be launching a course that would start on 2nd March and I was super-excited about how I might be able to connect lots of far-flung people who are stuck, feeling fed up and most certainly procrastinating on any creative work their soul really wants them to do. I was busting a gut to get everything put together and scheduled and designed and still find time to go to London to do some networking and learning from a mentor of my own.









(Me and Denise Duffield Thomas.)

And I almost pulled it off. And then my explanation page about my course became a red malware warning of epic proportions.

Well, the jury’s out as to whether I’ll pull the whole thing off, but still, this was a major roadblock of the nasty and alarmingly red variety. I had to reach out to a friend, the website knight in shining armour – Ross Barber of ‘Bridge The Atlantic’ podcast fame. And he was able to fix it. Which is wonderful. No harm done. Except for putting off every tentative new follower and potential course-taker who was trying to find out a bit more about me and what I’m offering!

In these instances, I’ve learnt that I have two choices. I used to pick the first one all the time.

1) Panic, immediately lament this misfortune in a ‘WHY ME?’ kind of way and feel like it’s my fault for not being a super-rich coach with pots of money to buy the finest website in Christendom. Also feel from this point on that the whole thing is doomed. Decide that this proves I’m a rubbish entrepreneur and this is yet another failure that will end my career and reputation.


2) Laugh it off as brilliantly ironic timing and count it as another notch on the bedpost of being an online business owner and know that I am in good company because this sort of thing happens to everyone. Go and have a chat with some fellow online business owners and have a laugh talking about culture and techy things and simply enjoy connecting with someone over a funny misfortune for the day. Know that it is just for today and that everything will resolve itself in the fullness of time. Oh and watch some vintage Ben Elton stand up comedy on you tube to keep my spirits up while my website rescuer does his work. And the next day, when it’s up and working properly again, realise that maybe this was a blessing in disguise because it forces me to postpone the start date for the course, which gives everyone a bit longer to get to know all about it and have other people promote it too.

So yesterday reminded me of my ‘ticked off’ day when I decided to make a video about how I felt and make up a song about it:


And in the spirit of that video back in November, I thought I’d reiterate to those who might be interested in signing up to the course, that humour and taking a step away from strict deadlines and seriousness is a key element of my course too. So I made a video about that in my ‘laundry day’ clothes and no eye makeup but compensatory aeroplane earrings and bright orange lipgloss. Because that is the way I do things:

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