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Evolution of a Song (part one)

This is part one of a mini-series of blogposts about how I go about writing a song. I’m going to let you see how a new song evolves from an initial idea to a fully-fledged song I can perform at a gig.

The first step. Here’s what happened:

I was having dinner and watching a very interesting video on YouTube  – so far, so boring. But it was actually an incredibly thought-provoking interview with an artist I’ve followed for years and she was talking about a number of things including ageing and how to relate to family members as well as cultural identity issues for someone who travels a lot. Anyway, some of it obviously sank in, and not only that, but the nostalgia around her music and the years that have passed since I last followed this artist’s work closely enough to dig up and watch or listen to a few interviews somehow spoke to me. So as I sat down at the keyboard later (putting on my golden-y purple high heeled shoes of course, because playing the keyboard in slippers just isn’t on) a nostalgic, almost Christmassy but in a melancholic way, kind of tune came out. So I fiddled around with it a bit. And then I got a rough recording of the piano part down using Voice Memo on my phone. Yes, I’m that high-tech. (I did improvise some vocals with it prior to this, but I think it’s better to have just the piano bit so that I can listen to it and come up with lyric ideas and vocal melody ideas freely at a later stage.)

So this is what I have recorded so far, mistakes and all…





  1. Peter · February 2, 2015 Reply

    nice melancholic idea!

  2. Bridgette Perdue · February 2, 2015 Reply

    Beautiful song! Can’t wait to hear the final product :-)

  3. eric · February 2, 2015 Reply

    very moving piece of music Rowen. Please honor me by putting some voice to it?it Would be amazing! Well done. And kind regards dear !! E

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