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Evolution of a Song (part four)

The song I had started with at the very beginning was indeed the one that got completed first in the end, despite the insistence of the other one to give my attention to it. I realised that this first song wasn’t going to develop into a traditional ‘verse and chorus’ sections song, nor was it going to be particularly tight tempo-wise. It ended up being a very rubato, free-flowing, stream of consciousness lyrics kind of song. It reminds me a bit of the freer-style songs of Regina Spektor’s early work, but you can be the judge of that.

The idea around the Hudson Landing plane developed into thinking about planes and aviation more generally and the miracle of how that works, which reflects nostalgically against the comparison in the song of a relationship that didn’t work, or at least, that failed after a long period of time, perhaps similarly to the actual plane that landed in the Hudson. I’m sure it had had plenty of successful flights before the birds that were enveloped by the engines brought it down one last time.

Here’s a video of my performing the song its completed form:

And here are the finished lyrics:


So they landed in the Hudson

But they all made it out alive

Though they didn’t get as far as Teterboro

They made it out onto the wing and home

And we made it to the start of the recession

But we didn’t make it out intact beyond that

And then she got ill and you had someone else to turn to

You had your own Teterboro and it worked for you

it worked for you, it worked for you, it worked for you and

Good for you Babe, good for you Babe.

So they say that planes really fly themselves

And that’s almost right

Except you have to get them into flight in the first place

And then down again


It’s a little preoccupation, how aviation has evolved

And how you keep things in the air

And the lawyers always make a killing when things go wrong

And the rest of us are left trying to get over it,

Trying to get over it and trying to make peace with it


So they landed in the Hudson

But they all made it out alive

And though we didn’t make it out past the recession

We made it out onto a wing and


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